The world of certified decentralized blockchains is coming

Release time:2022-01-08 09:30 source:Internet Copy link share

Ethereum co-founder and core developer Vitalik Buterin responded to the Reddit community's "My first impressions of web3" thread, saying that I think the world of certified decentralized blockchains is coming, and more than many people think close to this. Of course, it is possible for all of these technologies to be built without many people caring. But I am more optimistic. Users usually accept the default settings given by developers, and many developers do really care about decentralization and untrustworthiness (and the growing legal issues of running centralized trust nodes will make them even more concerned). Decentralized options that users reject today (e.g., running a full node) are indeed quite difficult today, so it is understandable that users insist on more centralized options, at least they can easily use them. None of the suggestions listed here are that difficult, and even running a full node itself will become easier and cheaper over time. Because ideas like statelessness and expiring history come into play, I don't see a reason why the future needs technology like it does today.

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