TheLinkMarine Receives Chainlink Community Incentive Bonus, Will Improve Chainlink Ecosystem Website

time:2022-01-08 08:30 source:Internet

Chainlink announced that TheLinkMarine has received a Chainlink Community Incentive Program award that will be used to enhance the Chainlink ecosystem website to improve the initial design and feature set of its website. The upgraded website will include significant improvements to design, user experience, and content, making it an easy-to-use one-stop directory for the latest information on Chainlink integrations. As part of the grant, TheLinkMarine will rebuild the entire website in Webflow and create a database of over 1,000 integrations with deeper filtering for other category types including project name, logo, category, description, underlying blockchain and the Chainlink service used. TheLinkMarine is reported to be a major contributor to the community resource and news site Chainlink Today.

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