There are over 300,000 merchants accepting digital RMB in Shenzhen, and the application scenario has expanded from G2C to G2B

time:2022-01-18 06:30 source:Internet

It was reported on January 18 that by the end of 2021, Shenzhen had more than 300,000 digital renminbi-accepting merchants, basically covering various fields such as life services, retail consumption, catering services, transportation, education and medical care, smart people’s livelihood, and government services. In terms of merchant types, the number of merchants in the life service category is the largest, accounting for 37.3%. In addition, the governments of various districts in Shenzhen have innovatively launched the pilot work of using digital RMB to issue special funds, further realizing the expansion of digital RMB application scenarios from G2C to G2B. As of the end of 2021, relevant departments in Shenzhen have issued a total of 616 million yuan in digital RMB special funds to 2,422 small and micro enterprises.

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