U.S. Bank of Cuustomers hires new team to deepen cryptocurrency business

time:2022-01-10 05:30 source:Internet

Pennsylvania-based Bank of Cuustomers has hired a slew of new employees to expand its expertise in emerging digital asset banking. "We are committed to being one of the top financial institutions serving commercial cryptocurrency and digital asset institutions, and we understand all the requirements, pitfalls and needs of cryptocurrency clients," said Sam Sidhu, President and CEO of Client Banking. These clients need a financial partner with the technology and flexibility to scale according to their requirements across the ecosystem, not just in one or two aspects of their business. As previously reported by Golden Finance, Pennsylvania-based Customers Bank signaled its intention to compete in the digital asset space in October, adding cryptocurrency companies as clients and launching real-time cryptocurrency-to-dollar payments using the bank’s own in-house digital fiat currency. platform.

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