U.S. dollar stablecoin USDC issuance exceeds $45 billion, hitting a record high

Release time:2022-01-14 00:30 source:Internet Copy link share

On January 14th, according to the latest data, the issuance of the US dollar stablecoin USDC has exceeded 45 billion US dollars, hitting a record high, at the time of writing this article is 45,000,647,965 US dollars. The current ranking of USDC by on-chain issuance is as follows: 1. The issuance on the Ethereum chain is approximately US$39,848,772,866; 2. The issuance on the Solana chain is approximately US$4,032,483,433; 3. The issuance on the TRON chain is approximately US$537,506,775; 4. . The circulation on the Algorand chain is about $372,959,125; 5. The circulation on the Stellar chain is about $143,204,824; 6. The circulation on the Avalanche chain is about $55,478,312; 7. The circulation on the Hedera chain is about $10,242,639. According to previous news, the circulation of USDC on Ethereum today surpassed USDT for the first time, becoming the stable currency with the largest circulation on Ethereum.

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