Walmart Director: Digital Currency's Potential Will Beyond Financial Services

time:2022-02-17 05:30 source:Internet

Walmart’s lead independent director, Tom Horton, said in a recent interview that the potential of digital currencies will go beyond financial services. Tom Horton said: “Cryptocurrencies are also being used by major institutions and traditional banks, and it is clear that this is a powerful and constructive technology with huge growth potential in the coming years and beyond. The regulatory environment in the world continues to evolve, new use cases from NFTs to gaming and sports to supply chain are on the rise, and consumer interest is strong, which helps drive new vehicles for innovation and adoption. I think blockchain technology is another great The enablers of the Internet, as in the early days of the Internet, the enthusiasm and pace of innovation in this new ecosystem is astonishing. It is important to understand how this technology works and its impact on global commerce, digital currency and Financial services are undergoing a massive transformation, with applications beyond finance. I am fascinated by blockchain technology and its growing use cases,” said Tom Horton, an independent director of, in addition to investment funds Global Infrastructure Partners and A partner at General Electric, he also served as lead director of tech giant Qualcomm and chairman and CEO of American Airlines.

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