Wells Fargo: Global Crypto Adoption May "Soon Hit a Super Tipping Point"

time:2022-02-08 08:00 source:Internet

Wells Fargo Investment Institute released a report highlighting that the technology behind cryptocurrencies is following a path of adoption similar to the internet in the early to mid-1990s, when “consumers still needed time to figure out what the technology was, What it can do, and how it can benefit them.” However, as with the internet, the rise in crypto users shows that “the world is starting to embrace the technology — and fast.” The report states: “If this trend If it goes on, cryptocurrencies may soon exit their early adoption phase and enter a tipping point of super adoption, like any other technology. At some point, adoption starts to rise, and there's no going back... Precise numbers aside, There is no doubt that global cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise and may soon reach a super tipping point.”

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