YouTube Announces 2022 Blockchain, Metaverse Development Plan

Release time:2022-02-11 08:30 source:Internet Copy link share

On February 11, YouTube has announced its 2022 blockchain and metaverse development plans. The streaming media giant believes that the digital art market is expanding, and emerging technologies can help combat fraud and provide a more social platform for video game content. experience. Currently, YouTube faces fierce competition from TikTok and Instagram. In order to stick to users, YouTube is more careful when introducing new features that will be launched soon. Last month, it revealed that the company is exploring Web3 technology, including NFT. And in a recent blog post, YouTube hinted that it could make NFTs more secure. In the blockchain and metaverse development plan, YouTube believes that it is possible to use the video library to verify whether NFT assets are legal, and they also said: NFT may provide fans with a verifiable way to let them have their favorite Unique videos, photos, art, and even experiences from creators of 2019 are a compelling prospect for creators and their audiences.

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