YouTube explores Web3.0 and blockchain technology

time:2022-02-13 01:00 source:Internet

YouTube, the video platform owned by Google, has announced that it is entering NFTs and the metaverse based on Web 3.0 and blockchain technology. In a blog post written by Chief Product Officer Neil Mohan on February 10, YouTube said it hopes to connect artists with their audiences on a "deeper level" and explore the application of the latest technologies such as Web 3.0 to Maximize benefits for creators, viewers, and advertising partners. . In the blog post, Mohan said YouTube wants to provide fans with a verifiable way to have unique videos, photos, art, and even NFT experiences from their favorite creators. In terms of building from the metaverse, Mohan said YouTube would allow users to watch videos together in the metaverse. For now, the Metaverse on YouTube will focus on showcasing gaming-related videos to make them feel more alive. Mohan also said that YouTube wants to take a responsible approach to Web 3.0 applications. "There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account to make sure we use these new technologies in a responsible way, but we think there is also incredible potential." In addition, Mohan also talked about some of the other upcoming features of YouTube, such as channel guide, live broadcast 's category comments and super comments for YouTube clips.

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