Human society will exist for a long time in the "metaverse+" model

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2021 is the “first year” of the Metaverse. But there is no doubt that the Metaverse will face many crises and challenges in the early stages of industrial development. Which stage of the development of the metaverse belongs to now, and which stage will the entire industry go through? In 2022, what are the development opportunities of the metaverse industry?

The Metaverse is a virtual world that uses technology to link and create. Metaverse is also a digital living space with a new social system, with four characteristics: social first, sensory immersion, interactive openness, and ability scalability. 2021 is the "first year" of Metaverse. Large-scale Internet companies around the world have invested in Metaverse. "Metaverse" has become an important entrepreneurial direction for entrepreneurs. This period is a period of intense development of Metaverse. However, as industry regulation gradually improves and the definition of the metaverse becomes clearer, the industry's enthusiasm for the metaverse will begin to return to rationality.

On the one hand, with the gradual improvement of the definition and supervision of the Metaverse industry, the industry has begun to have the preliminary ability to identify Metaverse companies. On the other hand, with the increase of the threshold, small enterprises began to be acquired by giants, some enterprises with weak competitiveness began to leave the market, and capital began to return to rationality. Therefore, "polarization" will become the main feature of this stage, and the industry has entered a period of reshuffle. At this stage, some companies will continue to cultivate technology, content, and ecology, and gradually form barriers to become giants when the metaverse matures.

After the reshuffle of Metaverse Enterprises, the industry began to mature and gradually began to integrate. Capable and high-quality enterprises have begun to seek cross-disciplinary and cross-industry integration in order to seek accelerated implementation of industrial applications. The technology of the Metaverse will comprehensively change from "entertainment" to "tool", and the core technology of the Metaverse is highly developed. At that time, new giants began to emerge in the metaverse industry, and cross-industry cooperation would become mainstream.

Following the Internet, the Metaverse will become an important way to drive the efficiency of various industries to new heights. This is the starting point of the statement that "everything is possible in the metaverse". In order to achieve the final form of metaverse development, it must be integrated with other industries.

The final form of the metaverse should be a virtual space that belongs to the whole world, human, completely decentralized, and has a closed-loop economic system and content ecology. Human society will exist for a long time in the "metaverse+" model.

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