Intel will release a dedicated chip for mining, is there still room for individual investors to mine?

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On February 11, Intel revealed that they will launch an ASIC chip for Bitcoin mining by the end of February 2022. Intel also said that bitcoin mining work is in line with sustainable development goals. According to reports, at least three US companies are currently working on ASIC chip designs.

The news of Intel's chip release has us turning attention to mining again. After years of power reshuffle, is mining still the way for individual investor to realize their wealth dreams? Former British Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond warned individual investors should not to put their money in virtual currencies.

Many people may remember what happened last year. Funding from large institutions makes bitcoin's price rise rapidly. Although virtual currency only accounts for a small part of the capital allocation of these large institutions, the funds are far from comparable to the individual investor’s funds. Some people predict that mining will be a large-scale industrial production, and the big institutions will be the mainstream of mining in the future.

In fact, mining is a capital-intensive business.It requires continuous equipment upgrades and huge capital investment.  So it’s not friendly to individual investors.The current investment threshold of mining is very high and will get higher and higher. There has long been no living space for individual miners other than mining farms and mining pools.the mining business model has changed dramatically. Ironically, decentralization is the hallmark of Bitcoin, but the mining industry is moving toward centralization.

However, do retail investors really have no chance in the mining field? This may not be the case either. 

The platform was established in 2021, focusing on the blockchain data center industry. Invested in the construction of 6 blockchain data centers in Eastern Europe, the United States, Canada and other regions. The power supply exceeds 100MW, and the mining machine hosting scale exceeds 30,000 units. is the world's first large-scale platform integrating HashRate + wallet + transaction. It’s easy to operate and has comprehensive functions, making it easier for individual investors to participate in mining.

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