Young people are more likely to accept Metaverse Office

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The Metaverse is entering the youth work scene. According to a recent report, the  hybrid office model has become the main office model in the era of the epidemic. Young people are more willing to use metaverse technology at work.

Data for this report was collected by market Edelman Data and Intelligence from January 7, 2022 to February 16, 2022, who interviewed a total of 31,102 full-time employees and freelancers, and conducted a survey of 1,000 full-time employees. The findings are that the hybrid office model is becoming the norm in the global labor market.

Hybrid office refers to people working flexibly between the office and home. Hybrid office has become a new office model in the epidemic era. At the beginning of the epidemic, most workers were passively working in a mixed office. Now that workers have adapted to the hybrid office model that coexists with the epidemic, Microsoft's new survey has once again verified the popularity of the hybrid office model. The data shows that 57% of the respondents are inclined to telecommuting, and 51% of the respondents believe that they will consider switching to hybrid office in the next year. Microsoft therefore pointed out that the hybrid office model has great potential in the future.

As an emerging medium for the hybrid office model,Metaverse technology has aroused the interest of many young people. According to the report, the respondents who are willing to use metaverse technology in their work are mainly young people. The specific investigation includes the following points:

1. 52% of employees plan to have a meeting in a virtual space next;

2. 47% of users plan to have a meeting in the form of virtual avatars in the future;

3. 48% of millennials believe that they will try Metaverse Office in the next two years;

4. 16% of employees think they will not work in the Metaverse;

5. 13% of employees do not know the definition of the metaverse.

At present, some companies have begun to try metaverse technology in the office scene. Com2uS Group, a South Korean game company, has announced that it will become the first company to realize "metaverse work", and plans to allow about 2,500 employees to settle in the metaverse in the second half of 2022, officially opening the era of metaverse work.

Microsoft researcher Mar Gonzalez Franco believes that people feel more engaged, close and even more comfortable when using avatars in meetings. Therefore, how to apply the metaverse technology to work scenarios to make workers more engaged and comfortable will be one of the trends in the future development of the metaverse.

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